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Give your Child a Competitive Edge at XCEL Club
kid in suitRaising children today brings upon many new challenges that have not been in generations past. Kids are overscheduled, over-stimulated, and over stressed. Therefore, if you believe that fitness training, eating well, and being at the top of the academic tier is important, our children must learn goal setting and time management skills in order to have a competitive edge.

Driven by a vision of improvements in the educational society of today, Charles Braunstein and Steve Shields (both involved fathers and coaches) enter a new world of holistic services.

‘The model of XCEL emanates from our own experience in what is lacking in today’s educational and physical training world,’ says Charles. ‘Our services were hand selected to ensure our members achieve a competitive edge in everything they do in life. As parents, we took a look at what we felt helps to create a productive young adult. We broke it down into three main categories; education, fitness and wellness, and life skills and wanted to offer excellence and progress to our children and their peers.’

Often a parent’s voice can become the ‘white noise’ in a child’s overly stimulated life, we offer a safe and fun environment for a child to learn, grow, and become a successful young adult.

Meet the team that is passionate about helping your child gain a competitive edge:


Charles Braunstein

Co-founder of XCEL Club


Steve Shields

Co-founder of XCEL Club


Dena Farash

Director of Membership

xcelc0bOur Team

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