XCEL Xpress (2 hour program)

Your child will experience the following guided courses during their 2-hour session at XCEL Club

check General Fitness or Sports Specific Training Class (45 min)

2hr-1All kids benefit from physical movement. Whether it’s an increase in stamina, endurance, general health, or a specific training for a sport of choice, your goal for your child’s physical betterment can be assisted with these daily classes.

check Life Skills Sessions (20 mins)

2hr-2In these daily classes, our members use their XCEL Journal to track their goals, establish ownership in their schedules and understand concepts such as Real World Math.

check Nutrition (15 mins)

2hr-3Empowering your child to make healthy choices will benefit their body, performance, and mind. These classes are designed to educate about food better choices while allowing for balance, enjoyment and the understanding of how we fuel our bodies will help to determine our performance.

check Socialization, Healthy Treats, Wii-Fit, Technology (40 mins)

2hr-4A nice quiet place for you child to get to get their work done in! With access to computers and Tutors who are available to answer questions and assist with getting their work done in a timely manner. Take the stress out of homework time by having them complete their work at XCEL!

Take the first step in customizing a program for your child at XCEL. Fill out a Competitive Edge Profile. This profile allows us to deeper understand your needs and create an ideal program guided by your child’s specific wants and goals.

XCEL Xpress Pricing

Plan Price
Silver (1x week) $160/month ($20/hr)
Gold (2x week) $250/month ($16/hr)
Platinum (3x week) $290/month ($12/hr)

Membership is month to month. Member may cancel with 30 days notice.
All memberships include $89.00 one time initiation fee. (Initiation is applied one time at check out)

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