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Flag Football

Dodge Ball


Wiffle Ball

Volley Ball

Capture the Flag

Attend our daily program 5 days per week for $250 per month in July and August

10am - 12am or 4pm - 6pm

Specific Sports

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Combining Speed and Conditioning with
Sports Specific Skill Training is the Fastest
Way to Improve

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Help your Child Build Confidence and
get Focused

Unlimited Membership to our Club
$160 per month


Building confidence

XCEL Club develops a membership culture that drives focus and confidence through goal setting. When kids develop their goals and fulfill the required strategy in meeting that goal, this drives confidence and vision into their ability to get things done with hard work and focus.

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Fitness and Nutrition

XCEL Club runs fitness and nutrition classes because the key to increasing personnel health and athletic ability is exercise and education.

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XCEL Club tracks all our members progress. Whether it is overall fitness or specific sport programs, all our members get assessed. The results are trended to ensure progress.

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